My first “real” spring festival experience!

My first Spring Festival with a Chinese family! Read about the different customs we observed, learn a bit about the spring festival itself and most importantly see what I got to eat! 🙂

Soul Canvas

img_1095I have experienced 3 spring festivals here in Baoding since moving here as a student but this year’s is the first that I actually spent with a Chinese family. Since it’s the quietest time of the year I usually spend it in my room. Luckily, this year, together with another friend, I was invited to spend it with a Chinese family.

Spring festival is a very big deal here, like huuuuge! To put it into context most Chinese people work 24/7, especially those that run their own businesses, there is no such thing as a weekend in China. The restaurants, banks, shops etc are open everyday with the same working hours (no shorter hours on weekends). I don’t know how they do it, we get 2 days off every week back home and still whine about being tired. But when the spring festival arrives they get to shut down their…

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