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About 2-3 years ago I began to care about what I put in my mouth, an issue that I thought would not concern me for another decade or so. I wasn’t raised in a particularly “healthy eating” family, we ate what we wanted, when we wanted to eat it. However, now that I work out regularly, I don’t want all that work I put in at the gym (or with Shaun T) to simply go to waste on a fatty burger. So I was pretty excited to see this place pop up at Airport Junction Mall some weeks back….IMG_20140320_184133

Health Generation is a smoothie,  juice and salad bar that serves fresh juice, smoothies, salads, sandwiches and ice cream among other things that happen to be good for your health. I was determined to try one of their juices after a friend showed me one of their juices on Instagram. As soon as the opportunity came my way, I bought a citrus juice and haven’t looked back since!


I have now tried everything on the juice menu and will be trying the smoothies next. Their sandwiches are good too, however I suspect die hard whole wheat bread fans are the only ones who will agree. If you are not used to whole wheat you may want to give the sandwiches a pass. They also serve bran muffins, vegan ice cream and wheatgrass shots, can someone say health heaven!?

Whole wheat sandwich, Mango mania smoothie and a bran muffin. Photo source.
Whole wheat sandwich, Mango mania smoothie and a bran muffin.
Photo source.

Prices are decent considering that they use fresh ingredients only. A juice will set you back about P35 depending on the type and a smoothie is about the same.

Photo source

The staff are friendly, alert and don’t leave you standing at the till waiting for service. In addition there is tablet for customers where you can serf the net to your hearts content while you wait.IMG_20140320_184156

They use fresh ingredients where possible for all their food.  You literally watch them select the fruit they then juice for you while you wait! No preservatives or flavourants, everything is organic.

So if you are part of the health generation it’s time to get yourself down to Airport Junction for a light healthy meal or snack! Who knows, you may just find me there living in one of their cupboards….

Green juice (master cleanser) contains green peppers, apples, lemon and veggies among other ingredients.

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  1. Sounds like a great place 🙂 vegan ice-cream too? Yum!

  2. LM says:


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