Lunch at Thorntree

Over the holidays, my friend Uyapo bullied me (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) into going out for lunch with him rather than hiding in my parent’s house like I usually do. By the time lunch was over I was so happy he had done so because it turned out to be a lovely outing. IMG_6301

Francistown is where I was (second biggest town in Botswana) and it doesn’t have much to offer by the way of restaurants or entertainment of any sort really, but Thorntree is one of the few places there worth dropping by. It is located in a shady corner of the Village Mall next to Digger’s Inn. Unfortunately it has odd opening hours: opens at 9am and closes at 3pm. Therefore breakfast and lunch are the only meals you can have there.

IMG_6297The food is well made and they have a cafe style menu with light meals. I have had a burger before at the restaurant and I remember it being absolutely amazing. This time I opted for a baked bacon and cheese potato with a salad and sour cream on the side. Uyapo chose a creamy mushroom pasta dish that had me feeling jealous.

IMG_6296 IMG_6295The service was decent, we weren’t expecting 5 star service but we had very little to complain about. The waitress checked on us constantly and the manager of the restaurant also came to make sure we were happy.

I see myself bullying others to go there with me for a quick meal in the coming future. Before I forget, I must credit the brilliant Uyapo for the beautiful pictures, he’s got some skills with the camera! 🙂 Check out his blog here



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  1. donaisabella says:

    Great pictures and sharing, Brandi. keep it up.

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