Dinner at Saffron

???????????????????????????????This past weekend, a friend of mine was visiting so we decided to go out for dinner. I had been told about the awesomeness of Saffron (an Asian fusion restuarant located at Sebele mall next to Debonairs) by a fellow blogger Kwame so I decided to take the opportunity to try it out with my friend.

The entrance
The entrance

We had not made any reservations and just walked in and found the place full. Sitting outside was not an option because it had been raining earlier. The host apologized profusely for not being able to serve us and gave us their contacts so that we’d be able to make a reservation next time we wanted to come to the restaurant. Disappointed, we exited and began to make our way upstairs to Toyokey but before we were half way up the stairs the manager chased us down and pleaded for us to return.

The bar area
The bar area

He apologized again then insisted we just wait by the bar for a while as he was sure one of the booth tables would be free soon. I was already impressed! That would never happen at any other establishment in Gaborone! Normally we would be given a short apology and that would be it.

The back of the restaurant where the rest rooms and kitchen are.

Half way through our first drinks the booth seat became available and we relocated from the bar. We had 3 people attending to us at first: our waitor, the manager and the host. I have never been so coddled in a restaurant before! I was quite taken aback! We did not want for anything, the waiter was there when needed and not there when not needed. He was efficient, polite and very professional. At one point I felt like I was in a hotel rather than a restaurant at a shopping center. ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????The decor is absolutely beautiful and very classy, wood, glass and velvet features prominently throughout the room. I wish my pictures did it justice! I never take pictures with the flash on in order to not make other guests uncomfortable. The lighting is dim and the background music was low and calming. There is a bar with a small sitting area for those who just want to drink while those who come for food can choose between sitting at the tables around the room or in one of 4 booths on the left side of the room. The booths are my favorite! They have a glass enclosure which makes them semi-private since it means you can’t hear the conversations of guests in the booth next to you. Brilliant!???????????????????????????????

As a starter we had a platter with mutton, chicken and shrimp prepared in different ways, the chicken stole the show followed by the shrimp and the mutton. ???????????????????????????????For the main we went with a Szechuan fried rice, a chicken khadai and rogan josh. We also ordered 2 types of flat bread. The portions were much bigger than what I expected and the flavour didn’t disappoint either. Price wise they are surprisingly reasonable with the most expensive dishes being around 70 pula.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What we ordered could have easily fed 3 people and we failed to finish it. Another thing that impressed me was their glassware, cutlery and serving dishes, whoever made the buying decisions knew what they were doing.

I made sure to compliment our waiter on his excellent service. He told me they had been open since September and were very busy during weekends. Well I’m sure the service is the reason people keep coming back because I already want to go again! The only thing I would change about the restaurant is their location, they deserve to be in the new CBD on the 5th floor of some building or in a 5 star hotel. Check out their Facebook page here and drop by sometime, I promise you won’t be disappointed if they treat you half as good as they treated me.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lindiwe says:

    Table for 10 for this evening.
    My number is 72616601

    1. Brandy says:

      I don’t work for Saffron. Please contact them directly.

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