The Gaborone Food and Wine show 2013

???????????????????????????????This last Saturday, the second annual Gaborone Food and Wine Show took place at Airport Junction. For those that missed last years, the Food and Wine Show is a daytime event that aims to bring together wine and food lovers to taste various wines and foods including cupcakes, cakes, biltong and pasta.??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

This year’s celebrity taster was Derek Watts from Carte Blanche who shared hosting duties with Phenyo Moroka from Yarona FM. A selection of Djs kept the mood relaxed with some laid back music. In addition this year Masterchef McJon Mosenene demonstrated how to make a couple of his signature dishes to an intrigued audience. Patrons came dressed like summer and ready to taste as much wine as possible!??????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Last year’s event was quite enjoyable and I had been eagerly awaiting this year’s event. They had indeed listened to feedback from their patrons last year because they made significant improvements. The general location of the event was much better than last year. An area in the parking lot next to the FNB bank branch was sectioned off for the event. It was out of the way of the regular mall customers but still easily accessible. It was more spacious and there were more shaded comfortable sitting areas for patrons.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????There were more than enough stalls to keep wine lovers entertained and some of the popular regulars returned like The butcher shop and Bella Pastry. New additions included the Defy kitchen stall where the chefs did their various demonstrations and the Pietro Coricelli stall won hearts over with their pasta samples. Guests also received goodie bags with items from the events sponsors such as Robertson’s spices.???????????????????????????????

Unfortunately there were still a few flaws with the event, most notably the lack of food. There were food samples at various stalls however there were no meals available like last year. I really missed the succulent lamb burgers The butcher shop had last time! The only food available was 80 pula a plate of traditional food which was a tad bit much for me, considering that one could just head to the mall to buy cheaper food.

The weather was also not favorable either, it was extremely hot! So hot that my friend and I opted to not move from our shaded spot for an hour or two when we arrived. As the day wore on though, the sun’s heat did subside and walking about was a little more bearable. I think starting the event later in the day would fix that issue. Understandably it is meant to be a daytime event but exceptions may have to be made due to Botswana’s unique weather. Good thing the O3 still water stall was there for those who the heat was getting the better of.???????????????????????????????

The wine still made it a great day though, as wine always tends to do and by the time the event was drawing to a close people were in high spirits! Having discovered a sangria stall, I spent most of my day making return trips to refill my glass. I also tasted some cream cheeses and tried some dry wors at the biltong stall. Overall, another great way to spend a lazy afternoon. ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

See you there next year! Enjoy more pictures below…

IMG_7999 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_8019 - Copy ???????????????????????????????


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