Lunch at Abyssinia Coffee House

20130918_142853So as my love for food has grown I’ve began to venture towards the unknown. When I look at a menu, I hunt for something I am not familiar with, something I can’t make on my own or something I’ve seen on TV (I blame Masterchef for this).

So naturally when this Ethiopian coffee house opened at Riverwalk, I was totally counting down the days till I would get to let my stomach loose on it. Alas when I did go, they had regular food: grilled fish, sandwiches, shawarmas etc. Nothing I could get excited over. And since I’m not a fan of coffee, I had no other reason to be there.


20130918_142914But recently while running errands at the mall, I noticed that an Ethiopian staple had finally made it to the menu, Injera. After some negotiating with my wallet, I went there for lunch on a weekday. The waitress brought the menu and without looking at it I ordered my Injera with beef while my friend ordered Injera with chicken. All the Injera dishes are priced in the 75-98 range depending on the accompanying dish you choose. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Your taste buds will determine that.20130918_142928Injera is a sour yeast risen flat bread and has a texture similar to a sponge. It is definitely an acquired taste, the average person will probably find it odd because of the bitter sour taste. My meal was decent but I would have liked a more flavorful spicy beef stew, it was quite bland. My friends chicken stew was just as bland and plain.

Injera with chicken stew
Injera with beef stew

Generally though it was ok and very filling. I would have enjoyed it more with sides that were Ethiopian too. They added mashed squash, lentils and some cabbage which just did not work with the Injera. If I go there again, I’ll try it with the goat stew instead, surely that they’ll get right?

The establishment is nice enough, pleasant during off peak times but during busy mall days it feels like it’s in the way of people since it’s located right at the corner next to a liquor store. I hope they expand their menu and make it more Ethiopian, till then, goat stew and injera it is!20130918_14300220130918_142843

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  1. Did you talk with the owners/ cooks? They might change their authentic ways of cooking for the public palate. I would tell them you’d like it spiced and served the way they would eat it themselves. It could be really different.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I’ll do that next time. Usually I don’t say anything though, but you’re right, I should be more vocal đŸ™‚

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