From the Farmers market: Field’s Homemade Mint and Coriander chutney

I attended the Farmers Market last weekend (not to be mistaken with the African Market that was held at Bojanala Water Front the previous week) which takes place at Bull and Bush every first weekend of the month.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera’s memory card-blonde moment-so I was unable to take pictures. However I did buy something yummy that I wanted to share. While doing the stall rounds with my cousin, we came across a stall selling some chutneys and salsas. We tasted their mint and coriander chutney and were immediately sold! There were only two jars left so we quickly bought one. Some friends joined us a about 30 minutes later and we took them to the stall to taste the chutney but by that time the last jar had already been sold! ???????????????????????????????I wouldn’t think mint, coriander and chilli would work but the flavours are simply amazing together! The coolness of the mint is first to settle on your tongue, followed by coriander and then the heat of the chilli. Works great as a dip or can even be added to a marinade. I will definitely be buying more of it. The big jar my cousin and I bought was 50 pula and the small ones are 25 pula. Those who reside in Gaborone can call +267 72230664 or email to sample and buy some. Or just make sure you’re at the Farmers Market next month!

Grilled chicken with red rice, salad and some chutney

If you want to try making your own chutney, a good place to start browsing for a recipe is All Recipes.


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  1. Your whole plate looks delicious and I can imagine how good that chutney is.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      It is heavenly! I’m even being stingy with it to myself now cz I don’t want it to finish so fast! Lol!

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