A visit to Wakaberry

I know it’s been quiet on the blog lately and for that I apologize. I’ve been going through a general diet overhaul and I’m not settled on what I want to do yet. The short of it is that health is featuring more prominently in my life and as such I’m losing the attraction to certain foods and developing a taste for others. This of course changes the types of recipes I chose and so it’s been a tad bit of a conundrum in the kitchen.  For example, I’m not baking much anymore and I have 1kg of baking flour in my kitchen cupboard. Not sure what to do with it yet…

But, back to the issue at hand; my visit to Wakaberry.


I am a froyo fanatic, my motto in life is “froyo over everything”. It’s the only way to live. I generally love me some yogurt and to me froyo is what happens when a bit of fairy dust combines with happiness and yogurt. I’m pretty certain it’s magic.

My cousin had been on a trip to Jozi and when she returned, told me about a froyo bar she found. As luck would have it, a few weeks later I was fortunate enough to take a trip down south with her and we put it on our itinerary. I had read a post on wiscellaneous about another froyo bar called Filo and I initially assumed it would be the same place. However, we found Wakaberry instead, not that I was complaining! It was located upstairs at the Zone at Rosebank.

I was like a kid in a candy store when I walked in. I juggled between using my camera to record the experience, talking to my cousin and trying to serve myself. I couldn’t do anything fast enough! IMG_4688

It was quite crowded inside the bar, kids and adults milling around, chatting and eating froyo. It’s targeting the tweens if the bright colours and kiddie friendly decor is anything to go by. Filo, on the other hand, seems more mature. Not that I mind what the decor looks like, I’m just here for the froyo.

It is self service which is great, one simply gets a cup and goes wild with the dispensers. Instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow. There were about 8 flavors to chose from.IMG_4682

I don’t remember what flavors I picked but I know watermelon and lemon sorbet was involved. They had a cake batter flavor if I remember correctly which I thought was odd, but I guess some people are into that.IMG_4685

After serving yourself, you go to the counter and pick a topping if you wish. Then get your cup weighed and pay. Simple and quick. I paid about 28 Rands because I was trying to control myself, haha!IMG_4686

I enjoyed every spoonful. My only complaint? I wish it was creamier. Other than that I was a satisfied customer. Will totally sell my soul to go there again and try Filo too! I’m all about that froyo life!



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