Quick review: Muchachos

Muchachos has long been in existence however they disappeared from Gaborone for a while at some point. They were well known for their burgers and they still are! They returned recently, suddenly appearing in the building opposite Square Mart next to Cafe Fego. I had had their burgers back in the day but I wanted to see if they still had the magic touch.

IMG_3356I went for a jalapeno chicken burger and it was amazing. Soft bun, moist chicken, delicious sauce and hot chillies. I have also had their enchilada’s and I’d say that’s one of the best items on their menu too. Their chicken is the only fail. I think Chicken Licken or KFC do a meaner fried chicken.


IMG_3360IMG_3359It’s a lovely place, well designed, colourful and spacious. Price wise they are comparable to Nando’s, you need about 60 pula for their cheapest meal. Though they sell themselves as a mexican fast food restaurant, for whatever reason they serve fries rather than tortilla chips. I think tortilla chips would have made it more authentic but I’m not complaining!

IMG_3367 IMG_3370Check out their full menu here, save some pulas and go indulge yourself!

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