Chinese Food in China Part 3: Guanzhou

Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already!

In the second part of my holiday in China we went to Guanzhou, a city in the south of China, for 4 days. It is located on the Pearl river and is only 120km north of Hong Kong. Given it’s proximity to the South China Sea, Seafood is plentiful there. Guanzhou also has a high Cantonese population so most of the dishes in restaurants are Cantonese.

We stayed in a hotel throughout the 4 days and so breakfast was provided. We ate out for both lunch and dinner at various restaurants chosen by our guide. Our guide was also in charge of ordering food for us and she often ordered seafood which sat very well with me given that I love seafood.

Breakfast at the hotel was odd. It was buffet style so we had a selection of food to chose from. The buffet spread included stir fried rice, vegetable dumplings, fried eggs, sliced bread, watermelon, orange slices, tea, coffee, tofu, eggs boiled in tea, ham chunks and sauteed veggies among other things. Fruit is served at every meal as a desert. We often had watermelon or orange slices for desert in Shanghai too. It felt strange eating fried rice so early in the day though.

Breakfast is served!
My typical breakfast meal

We ate a lot of shrimp which excited me! At every meal we’d get a bowl of shrimp which we’d often fail to finish.

Fried shrimp

Another favourite was fish. It often came deep fried however we did have some that was prepared with a sweet and sour sauce.

Deep fried fish
Sweet and sour fried fish

Continuing with the sweet and sour theme, we had some chilli sweet and sour pork. I put one piece of red chilli pepper in my mouth thinking it was a mild pepper and set my mouth on fire! However the dish was delicious!

Chilli sweet and sour pork

We also had onion and ginger crab which I loved!

Onion and ginger crab

The Chinese love eggs and we do too! Every meal we had two portions of eggs and they were always the first dish to finish!

fried eggs
fried eggs

Rice, as always, was served with our meals.

We had noodles too though every now and then. They were once served on a shell with green onions which I thought was interesting.???????????????????????????????Another interesting dish was fried tea leaves with shrimp.I found the texture odd however it didn’t gross me out as much as I thought it would.???????????????????????????????

My favorite vegetable dish was a type of sweet corn. I’m not sure how it was prepared and if anyone knows, pleeeeease tell me!!! I couldn’t tell if it was fried, baked, boiled or what the coating was. ???????????????????????????????We also had celery and cucumber prepared in various ways…???????????????????????????????….as well as sauteed spinach.???????????????????????????????It wasn’t all seafood though, we also had duck and chicken.


Their way of presenting the boiled ginger chicken was interesting to say the least….

???????????????????????????????Talk about visual impact!

I loved Guanzhou for it’s seafood but I prefer Shanghai cuisine. The food in Guanzhou tasted slightly bland in comparison to Shanghai, it had less sauces and seasonings. However, Guanzhou food was probably the more healthy of the two given the high amount of seafood.

The dishes I love most after my experience in China have to be the kung pow chicken, fried shrimp, the corn and chilli sweet and sour chicken. They are now my go to dishes now when I go to a Chinese restaurant.

Chinese food definately has a special place in my heart now. I love how they experiment with textures, flavors and foods. Even their junk food is exciting! I had green tea flavoured Halls lozenges and lime flavoured Lays crisps!

Lime Lays
Lime Lays

And they really did taste like lime! What I miss most is the grocery stores because shopping was always an adventure. There is no end to the flavours they are willing to mix. Sadly the grocery stores here are not as well stocked so I shall have to wait till I return to China to satisfy my lime crisps craving 🙂

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  1. I wanna take a vacay to China to stuff myself!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Me too! I wanna go back!!!! sigh.

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