I randomly stumbled upon Rhapsody’s last week with a friend. I knew it was opening at Airport Junction mall soon from their Facebook page however I didn’t know the exact date. It looked so inviting from the entrance, I couldn’t resist! The place is beautiful and if they insisted on a dress code, I would gladly comply. The space is well designed and the area that caught my eye was the sink where patrons can wash their hands without having to go to the restrooms. It made me feel like I was in some kind of spaceship, and yes, that’s a good thing! 🙂 The rest of the restaurant is very clean, contemporary and modern design wise, almost feels like a hotel.

The space ship-py sink

First off, the service was EXCELLENT!!! No exaggeration. I suspect the stars were aligned in our favor because they can not possibly have the energy to be that awesome everyday! I shall see when I go again…. We were treated like royalty throughout. Our waiter was never too far away and the floor manager was incredibly friendly and accommodating. When taking our orders he explained every dish in detail and even suggested which one we should order. It was clear he had tasted every dish at some point given that he could describe it further than the menu did. We decided to share a sushi platter as a starter, then I ordered coconut chicken coriander and my friend ordered a Rump steak beef espetada with creamed spinach. View the whole menu here.

My coconut coriander chicken
Beef espetada with creamed spinach

The sushi was pretty good and priced reasonably. It is officially my new sushi spot! For 65 pula, you get the platter below:

It tasted pretty good! They may not have as much variety as Toyokey restaurant but that is expected because Toyokey is a Japanese restaurant and should have more variety. It’s a reasonable amount for one person and more than enough for two people to share if you are ordering a meal in addition.

One of my chicken breasts was a little dry and when I mentioned it to one of the mangers, she profusely apologized and offered me another meal or complimentary drink. I was quite taken aback since good service is a rarity in Botswana. I opted for another cocktail though (the pineapple capirinha is awesome).

Mai tai cocktail
Pineapple Capirinha

Their food prices are reasonable, you won’t spend anymore than you would at Cappuccinos or any other popular restaurant. Their cocktails range between 50 and 70 but be sure to ask which are the stronger ones to get more bang for your buck (they are weaker ones for women and stronger ones for men). However, the pineapple capirinha is a good start!

The ambiance was very nice: low jazzy music in the background and dimmed lights, a major plus for me since I don’t like loud restaurants where you can’t hear yourself talk. Great place to go for a date 🙂

I had an awesome experience and I think my friend and I ended up staying there longer than we needed to just because of that. I hope they keep it up because their service alone will win them repeat customers. I for one cannot wait till I have the chance to go again! I am going back for that sushi!


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