Asian orange chicken

I met a lovely exchange student through my cousin called Kelly and she happens to love Asian food too. Back home, in Hawaii, she actually works at a Chinese restaurant-though not in the kitchen. After having a long conversation about what we love to cook and eat, we decided to try a recipe together. We chose Orange chicken, which is one of her favorite Asian dishes.

We followed this recipe by Bee from Rasa Malaysia and didn’t change a thing! It turned out perfect. All the ingredients were easy to get and the instructions are simple to follow.

The only mistake we made the first time was using too much chicken so we ended up having to make two batches of sauce which meant cooking the chicken twice resulting in a darker colour. I made it a second time on my own with the right amount of chicken and increased the orange juice and orange zest a little which resulted in a very orangey sauce that was much lighter in colour.

The chicken is first dipped into a batter and deep fried.
It is then put on kitchen paper or newspaper to drain the oil
The chicken is then added to some fried garlic, ginger and chillies, after which the orange sauce is added.

I had the chicken with rosemary boiled and roasted potatoes. It’s really delicious and I will definitely be making orange chicken often! Go on to Rasa Malaysia for more yummy and simple recipes like Bok Choy chicken and General Tso’s chicken.


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