The Gaborone Food & Wine Show

Airport Junction, Gabz Fm, The Gazette, Lapologa and Builders world are bringing us the Food & Wine show on November 3rd. Foodies stand up!!! This event is for us!!! Wine tasting and food sampling from 10am to 6pm on a Saturday, what better way to spend the day?

Dig in your pockets for 120 bucks and get a ticket or enter a competition on I luv Lapologa on Facebook and win one for yourself. Follow this link for details. I was lucky enough to win one last week by telling Lapologa why they are the perfect sponsor for the event:

Lapologa is Botswana’s premier lifestyle magazine and for years has brought thought provoking pieces, unique events and features that are sought after by lively, outgoing, young thinking minds of Botswana; not forgetting those that are young at heart as well. With events like Gaborone Fashion Weekend and the Trevor Noah comedy show, Lapologa definitely knows what we want! The Food and wine festival is no exception. Bringing together great food and wine in an event, is sure to offer class, enjoyment and something different to the entertainment scene in Gaborone, a feat that Lapologa is well versed in. Food and wine are also great conversation starters in any situation. And given that Lapologa’s tag line is “Be part of the conversation”, what better way to spark a conversation than at the Lapologa’s sponsored food and wine show? So without a doubt the Food & wine show and Lapologa are a match made in heaven!

I must admit I am not much of wine fanatic and don’t drink it often. I am yet to develop a taste for anything other than sweet wine sadly. Maybe this event will change my mind. As for the food, my fork and phone camera is ready to go! I will be that crazy person taking pictures of any interesting dishes while struggling to not drop my wine glass and plate.

Expectations? Good food – and I mean GOOD! Dishes we are not familiar with but at the same time nothing too complex. Savoury and sweet dishes, fruits, entrees, finger foods, and a varied selection of red and white wines ranging from cheap to expensive. I also hope to learn a little bit about the wines and what foods they go with and most of all, I expect to have a great time!

So will I see you there?

Tickets available at Airport Junction Spur and Airport Junction Center Management office. 


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    Up coming food & wine event well worth attending…details here. Get your tickets!

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