A trip to the Chinese grocery store with Melissa!


Melissa is my Mandarin teacher (yes I learn Mandarin) and after I showed her my Chinese cook book she offered to go shopping with me at Oriental Plaza for some of the basic ingredients used in majority of the recipes that are difficult to find.

It was enlightening to say the least! Everything could be explained to me! What it’s for, what it’s called in Mandarin and how to store it. And because my Melissa does everything quickly, it all took less than 20 minutes.

Below is what I got….

Bamboo shoots


Wonton wrappers
Cooking wine
Bean sprouts

I also bought some green onions/shallots. It was a great trip overall and I will definitely drag Melissa there every time I need something specific. Bean sprouts are available in some of the big supermarkets but not always. Green onions/shallots can also be easily found at other supermarkets. You can make the wonton wrappers on your own, it’s basically a pastry. However, if you’re lazy like me, buying it is the quicker option. The Chinese cooking wine can be substituted with normal sherry. As for the bamboo shoots and the duck, as far as I know, Oriental plaza is the only place you can find them.

I have already cooked the duck and used the wonton wrappers and sprouts to make deep fried Dim sims. I’m intrigued by the bamboo shoots though, will use those next.

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