Indian food at The Embassy (Riverwalk mall)

The Embassy is one of my favourite places to get some good Indian food. They do offer some Chinese dishes but their main cuisine is Indian. Everything from palak paneer, Tandoori chicken and yummy butter chicken (which is on my cooking to-do list). I’m not so adventurous with their menu to be honest but it’s mostly because I can’t get enough of these 3 dishes: butter chicken, palak paneer and butter naans. Give me those 3 and I am happy with life.

I recently went there with a large group of friends and we all ordered a bit of everything and ate as a group. This time I got to sample some different dishes like mutton curry, chicken palaak and sweet and sour chicken. I got camera happy as well and took pictures.

With some friends/family (I am on the right)
(top, Left to right) Ginger chicken, garlic naan, butter chicken
(Bottom, left to right) Chicken palak, sweet and sour chicken.
Tandoori Chicken

Their pricing is reasonable considering that the portions are quite generous. The first time I went there I was slightly disappointed when the butter chicken pot came but after devouring one large naan with some chicken and palak paneer I realised there’s no way one person can finish it all alone, unless you are EXTREMELY hungry. The spiciness of the food also reduces the amount you can eat without your mouth catching on fire. My friends and I always order mild versions of the dishes but it’s still quite hot! Makes me wonder what hot is!

Not sure what this was…
That’s one naan cut into 4 pieces

The restaurant is quite small so service is relatively good. The ambiance inside is lovely, only the chatter of the patrons provides the background noise. They also sell alcohol much to our excitement. They have cocktails as well for the ladies.

The “Embassy cocktail”

One of my favorite restaurants in Gaborone!

Check out their Facebook page here.


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