Quick bite at Bull and Bush: Sloppy Joe pizza

A couple days ago a friend of mine and my cousins that had been to Botswana as an exchange student about a year ago, returned to visit with his sister. On their last night here we went to Bull and Bush for some drinks and a quick meal.

Bull and Bush is most known for it’s Monday night rib special and it’s pool room but they make pretty good pizzas too. My personal favourite is Sloppy Joe. I don’t normally like spicy food or avocado on my food but despite having both of those things this pizza is yummy! Aside from having avo and some peppers, it also has minced beef, ham, mozzarella cheese and a dollop of sour cream on each slice. It’s a thin base pizza and is easy on the sauce (unlike Debonairs pizza which I am developing a dislike for).

I always want to order this every time I go, If you’re not starving, you can split this between two and it will set you back about 60 pula for a large size.

I love my sloppy joe!!!



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