Mma Africa Bistro & Coffee Lounge in Francistown (Botswana)


My family recently went out to have lunch for my mum’s birthday and they went to eat at  Mma Africa, a restaurant which my mother had been raving about for a while. The restaurant is owned by a Caucasian woman who is a qualified chef and she makes practically everything from scratch (including the bread buns they use for burgers).

Mma Africa interior
Mma Africa interior

Francistown doesn’t have many places to eat out at that are not fast food places and more over majority of them are not great. However, it seems Mma Africa is not one of those lack luster places. Their menu boasts some original recipes including Kapenta pizza. For those who don’t know Kapenta is a sardine mostly found in Lake Tanganyika.


Surprisingly this pizza not only looks good but according to my family also tastes pretty good! All food is prepared upon ordering so it is always fresh.

Kapenta pizza

The portions are also satisfying and generous considering that a standard meal costs between 50 and 70 Pula (between 6 and 8 USD).

Forklands Calamari
Cajun chicken burger

Next time you find yourself in Francistown for whatever reason, Mma Africa may be worth a try. It will leave you full without hurting your wallet too much, what more does one need?

Mma Africa also has a Twitter page and hop on to their Facebook page to see more of their mouth watering dishes!

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