A quick chat with Tebbie from Something Sweet

Meet owner of Something Sweet Custom baking company Tebbie O. She’s bakes up a storm in the kitchen and has made a business out of it.
When did you start baking?
I started baking with my best friend Michelle Sharp when were in our early teens, i’d say around 13.
Did you take a lessons to enhance your skills?
Yes I went to a local culinary school in Gaborone & took a cake decorating class.
When did you decide to start baking professionally?
I decided to profit from my hobby mid 2011 but took it seriously beginning of this year; 2012.
What are the biggest fails you’ve had in the kitchen?
Oh goodness, the biggest recurrent fails I have in the kitchen  is when the baked produce doesn’t come out right. You know what means; starting all over again!
What are you still trying to learn baking wise?
What I am currently trying to learn is pastry. I want to be able to produce croissants, pies, jam tarts, simply delicious treats. I am also trying to learn all my recipes to perfection. I believe that one must know their product thoroughly.
What’s your favorite food for you to bake/cook?
This isn’t considered cooking but I love to make sandwiches! A sandwich can cure your hunger growls for sure if made to be surely filling, and what I love to bake, hmm, that’s quite hard to say but to narrow it down, I love to bake Rich Chocolate cake.
What drives your passion for baking?
The fact that I enjoy what I do is enough to drive me in my passion for baking. I find it easy, I love sweet things & treats like brownies and cookies are seen as “comfort”food. So when I bake, I find it as my own world I can unwind to and have something that excites my taste buds.
To order something sweet from Ms Tebbie call Tebogo on 76121936 or Thato on 71342461. You can also email her at something_sweet_delicious_treats@yahoo.com  Check out the Something Sweet blog and facebook page to see her product list and more mouth watering pictures.

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