Honey chicken stir-fry

The next two weeks will test my quick meal making skills as I have a ton of course work to do and exams are fast approaching.

I was recently crippled by a bad cold and after medication failed to ease my suffering I resorted to a home remedy that a friends mother is fond of. You boil two tea bags with chopped up pieces of ginger root, chopped garlic cloves, lemon slices and a few teaspoons of honey. Not the greatest tasting tea on the world and will probably leave you smelling garlic-y enough to scare away a vampire, however it works wonders! I was 80% cured the next day! Since I now have a considerable amount of honey remaining, I thought I may as well try make something with it.

I decided to make a sweet and spicey chicken stir fry, directions below.


  • chopped chicken breasts
  • spices: paprika, chicken spice, salt, pepper, ginger
  • crushed garlic
  • half a cup of chopped pineapple
  • honey
  • stir fry veggies (Freshly chopped or frozen-its up to you)
  • rice/potatoes/pasta

I added the spices, garlic and a couple teaspoons of honey to the chicken and mixed thoroughly.

I fried the chicken on medium heat for about 6 minutes, then I added the veggies and fried for another 5 minutes. I like my veggies to be slightly soft however some people like them very crunchy so you can vary the fying time according to your liking.

I added some chopped pineapple as I was about to take the stir fry off the heat.

I ate the stir fry with fried potato cubes, however it would go very well with rice or pasta as well. If you want some sauce to go with it, you can add some cornstarch and pineapple juice and some more honey to the stir-fry. The thickness of your sauce will depend on how much cornstarch you use.

I apologize I’m not one to measure ingredients so just use your own discretion when adding the spices. Unfortunately I have the habit of salting food after I cook and not during so the grains you can see in the photo below are actually the salt grains. It was super yummy! I’ll definitely be making this again sometime this week.

And I ended my meal with a slice of chocolate sponge cake drizzled with double thick cream and served with a dollop of crushed pineapple. My arteries hate me I’m sure!


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