A child of the sea….

I’m Malawian, and in Malawi we have Lake Malawi that covers a 3rd of the country so it goes to follow that we are fish lovers. Though in Malawi we mostly eat fresh water fish from the lake, I am not particularly fussy and will indulge in any seafood I come across.

Recently courtesy of a friend and Toyokey Restaurant in Sebele Mall here in Gaborone Botswana, I broke my sushi virginity. šŸ™‚

I can’t really tell you what exactly the rolls have because well I have no sushi knowledge and I wasn’t there when the order was made.

I LOVED this platter…some of these rolls had crispy salmon skin which were absolutely delicious
Didn’t like this selection so much because of the Avocado…the mix of flavours didn’t work so well for me

I would def recommend it for all sushi virgins, it’s not as ghastly as the thought of “raw fish” seems. However if you plan to visit the restaurant, fatten up your wallet first because it will set you back quite a bit. These two platters cost about 170 pula. However they were filling enough for two and totally worth it!


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