Grilled cheese sandwiches

This recipe was introduced to me by an American friend who’s tradition was to make them after getting home from a night out. She once made them at 3am after we had returned from a night of drinks and fun conversation at a local bar, and it tasted like heaven itself! Ever since they have become my breakfast staple when I am not in the mood for cereal. They’re quick and easy to make and work well as a snack too.

Basic Instructions

1. Get two slices of bread and butter each one on one side

2. Spread some grated cheese or a cheese slice on the unbuttered side of one of the slices and place the other slice on top of the cheese buttered side up.

3. Place the sandwich in a pan on medium heat and leave for a min or two till the bread has browned slightly then turn the sandwich over and brown on the other side too.

4. When the sandwich is golden brown on both sides, remove from the pan and enjoy! 🙂

I love having my sandwich with some yogurt and a fruit.

Alternatively you can have it scrambled eggs, bacon and sauteed (fry briefly over high heat) mushrooms. Yum!

For a while I was making substandard grilled cheese sandwiches till I came across this video:

Do’s and Don’ts as outlined by the video

Do not slice your bread too thick or too thin- I buy sliced bread to avoid this. If your bread is too thick, your cheese won’t melt thoroughly and if the slice is too thick the bread is likely to burn before the cheese melts.

Do not slice your cheese too thick or too thin- Its more advisable to grate the cheese or use pre-sliced cheese which is what I do. If the cheese is too thick, it wont melt in time and if it’s too thin your taste buds will not be happy.

Do not put the butter directly in the pan- spreading it on the bread allows your bread to cook more evenly than it would if the butter was in the pan

Do use a non-stick pan- if you’re cooking more than one sandwich the last thing you want is melted cheese or the bread sticking to the pan and burning.


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