Iced tea and spice pastes…

While trolling through the tea aisle in Spar for tea to use in my hair (yes I do that kind of stuff), I came across a Twining tea that had a scent I could not resist! It was an infusion tea flavoured with raspberry and peach. For whatever reason I can’t fathom making iced tea out of a tea that does not have fruit in it or making hot tea with a tea that has fruit in it. So when I bought it I know it would only be used for making iced tea.

I put 2 tea bags in 500mls of hot water, added some rose buds that I bought from a tea stall in China and some slices of orange. I then let it sit in the fridge while it was steeping. After it had cooled down, I removed the tea bags and added some honey to sweeten it a little. When serving, add some ice blocks and voila! The perfect iced tea!

???????????????????????????????I killed half the box in 2 days because I loved it so much. Botswana heat has been appropriate for such a drink lately. If you want to have an awesome day, add some wine to that concoction and sip away!


And for the second part of this post, I’d like to review some spicy pastes that I found in Spar some time back. Honestly the colour is what captured my attention at first (I’m a sucker for nice packaging) and then the contents of the bottles. The first paste I bought was a tagine paste (Tagine is a¬†Moroccan slow-cooked savory or vegetable stew). I had seen the dish on a cooking show some time back and figured if I can’t have the real thing I could come close…

1379254_10151771817329550_243351417_nSadly I was incredibly disappointed in the tagine paste, it had an incredible lemony scent but it was too mild in dishes and as marinade. Mind you I bought the medium one which should still have some bite to it. The second time I went to Spar I opted for a Tikka masala paste from a different brand and I am in love! It is perfectly spicy (medium) and does it’s job brilliantly. I can’t resist marinating everything in it. It might just end up being a regular on my shopping list.¬†???????????????????????????????Of course nothing beats the fresh equivalent but for days where you want flavor fast, this paste is brilliant. I absolutely love it! I will share a couple of simple dishes I’ve done with the Tikka masala paste soon.

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